The diagnosis of lipoedema is an extremely simple one to make from a clinical point of view for someone familiar with the subject, without the need for sophisticated additional technical examinations.

You can make the diagnosis yourself, with just a couple of judicious explanations.


The chronic pain of lipoedema is due to the compression of deep vessels and peripheral micro-vessels by fat, preventing proper tissue oxygenation.


In the feedback I get from my patients, the wearing of compression stockings advocated by many worsens the pain rather than relieving it. And that’s logical.
What’s more, compressing fat has never caused its owner to lose an ounce of that fat.

The only way to help is to remove this fat, which, once built up, is impossible to eliminate through a balanced diet and physical exercise, although these are recommended to avoid aggravating the situation.


The 2.5 mmm diameter Houyoux cannula, with a 1 mm diameter hole, powered by Euromi’s Lipomatic or Evamatic, enables this fat to be removed, while respecting the vascularization and connective tissue essential for proper skin retraction during the procedure.

In my growing experience with lipoedema, once the normal postoperative pain has disappeared, and lasts from a few days to a fortnight, the pain typical of lipoedema fades away and never returns to the treated area, which is a real relief for all my patients. In fact, they talk about it more and more freely in associations and on social networks.

This relief is my greatest satisfaction, since I perfected my cannula and the technique it enables me to perform since October 2014.


Each lipoedema procedure lasts between four and five hours, under local anaesthetic and conscious sedation, on a strictly outpatient basis.
The budget for a complete treatment of lipoedema is substantial, since the all-inclusive cost of a procedure of this duration varies between 8 and 10’000.- CHF, and it takes between two and four procedures to definitively solve your problem.

Forget about getting reimbursed by your health insurance, as their conditions are unrealistic, at least as far as I’m concerned.
Through channels such as the CHUV, it is possible to obtain reimbursement from the Lamal system or private insurance companies, after a long and often discouraging process. Serious progress needs to be made in this area, as the physical and psychological suffering can quickly become unbearable. Only a well-managed liposculpture procedure can relieve this suffering once and for all.

To get a very precise idea of the budget involved, and before you come, you can send me an e-mail with your age, weight and height, and a photo of your face, profile and back, including your feet. The essential information consultation often lasts an hour and a half and costs 200.- CHF.

Please do not book an appointment if you are not really interested in having these procedures done. I’m in the home stretch before the end of my career, and I’m completely overwhelmed by requests for lipoedema.
More and more people are talking about it, and patients are beginning to realize that there is a solution to their problem.
So don’t take the place of someone who really wants to be relieved by my technique.

Please contact my assistant on 079 596 63 04.
I’ll be spending the last few months of my career training a team of surgeons motivated by my technique, who will continue my work at the Vich liposculpture center.

Thank you for your interest and see you soon if the budget suits you.

Important preliminary remark: The photographic examples shown above are intended to provide additional information to the text explaining the techniques. The photos are, of course, unretouched, and the procedures were performed by Dr. Houyoux personally. The patients pictured have explicitly agreed that Docteur Houyoux may use their photos for information purposes. They can in no way be considered as a guarantee of results, as each case must be discussed individually.

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