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This one-day training course is of interest to doctors who wish to discover the “Houyoux” technique or cannula before starting to purchase the Evamatic or to train in the Houyoux technique .


This three-day training course is of interest to experienced doctors or those who have been through the discovery training and wish to start with the maximum of information with the cannula and the “Houyoux” philosophy (Only one doctor per training course).


For doctors who do not wish to go to Geneva, personalized training at home in Hands On, which is not possible for my patients.

LIPOMATIC training (Euromi) with Dr Houyoux

You may already know the LIPOMATIC of the Belgian company Euromi. This tool at the service of surgeons all over the world, has been a real revolution in the field of liposculpture. It allows a real correction of the silhouette in strict ambulatory surgery under local anaesthesia.

Dr. Stéphan Houyoux was among the first to use this device as early as 1997, and has operated on more than 3000 patients with this technique, striving to draw the quintessence of this equipment.

This experience allows him today to treat in an aesthetic way areas considered excessively delicate or even taboo, such as ankles, knees, buttocks…

Dr. Houyoux has recently developed a new cannula that allows him to improve the orange peel appearance over the long term. A first in the field!


In 2013, Dr. Houyoux opened his new structure in Switzerland, dedicated to excellence in Liposculpture. The Doctor offers advanced training to colleagues wishing to develop their skills and reach the full potential of LIPOMATIC.


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