Treatment of cellulite

Since 1997, when I first used the Lipomatic, I have been convinced that this technique would eventually allow me to treat cellulite durably. By the end of 2014, after years of research, I developed a new cannula that enables me to work with great precision in the last level of the fatty layer.

This 2mm cannula is perforated with 6 holes of 1mm. In combination with the Lipomatic, it allows to safely treat the area responsible for the orange peel appearance of the skin. This represents a real breakthrough in the field of liposculpture.

For the first time ever, we are achieving long lasting results against cellulite. This problem affects an important number of women, and yet prior to this innovation, there was virtually no efficient treatment available.

In february 2015, the cannula was unveiled for the first time in Paris at the IMCAS congress, which gathered surgeons from all around the world.

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