A revolutionary cellulite treatment with long terme effect

If the WHO motto is: "Health is not the absence of disease, but a state of well-being,"
my motto is: "beauty is not the absence of defect but a state of grace".
I try to contribute to that, modestly !
Dr. Stéphan Houyoux, spécialiste en médecine esthétique
dr. stéphan Houyoux
Aesthetic Medicine - Liposculpture


A new approach to body contouring with Nutationnal Infra Sonic Liposculpture. (Nutationnelle Infra Sonic Liposculpture, N.I.L.) (Tickle Lipo in USA). The technique explained, its indications, its results, its differences.
Strictly ambulatory, under local anaesthesia

Traitements anticellulite


Finally a long term improvement of all forms of cellulite thanks to the Houyoux cannula. An interesting approach also in lipedema.


for external doctors

Centre de liposculpture

Discovery training

This one-day training course is of interest to doctors who wish to discover the « Houyoux » technique or cannula before starting to purchase the Evamatic or to train in the Houyoux technique

Training for experienced physicians

This three-day training course is intended for experienced doctors or those who have gone through the discovery training, wishing to start with the maximum of information with the cannula and the « Houyoux » philosophy (Only one doctor per training course).

Training abroad

For the doctors who do not wish to go to Geneva, personalized training in their homes in hands on, which is not possible for my patients.

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