Centre de liposculpture de Vich


Since June 2013, Doctor Stéphan Houyoux has been practicing exclusively in Switzerland.

The Vich Liposculpture Center was created in order to best meet the needs of the ambulatory liposculpture technique developed by Dr. Houyoux with, in 2014, the very first use of the Houyoux cannula, the result of his long experience with the Lipomatic, since renamed Evamatic distributed by the firm Euromi (Belgium).
After a temporary collaboration with the CMC of Nyon, Dr. Houyoux took over, alone, the management of the Liposculpture Centre of Vich.

He therefore has, at all times, unlimited access to the operating theatre, which makes it easier to make appointments, with schedules that can be adapted to the private and professional lives of patients.

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