Frequently asked questions Liposculpture

Should I wear a support girdle?
Yes, it is compulsory for a week, day and night.Sometimes the Doctor can advise an additional week (day or night only).

Will it affect my mobility?
As it’s an ambulatory procedure, the resumption of activities is done as quickly as possible. The day after surgery, rest is advised, since the patient may undergo small changes in blood pressure and discomfort from the support girdle. Two days after surgery, the patient can go about his usual routine.
Quick mobilization of the patient prevents the risk of deep vein thrombosis and its major complication, pulmonary embolism.
Please inform the doctor if you planned a long trip immediately after the operation. He will then take additional preventive measures.
Resumption of sporting activities can be envisaged after a week.

Healthy diet?
A healthy and balanced diet is obviously always recommended.

Sun, tanning?
Avoid as long as bruising persist. Subsequently do not forget to follow the usual recommendations regarding skin protection against the sun.

What happens with the excess of skin after surgery?
Thanks to its natural elasticity, but also through the “lift” effect of the Lipomatic, the skin will retract in the treated areas. However, for patients with poor skin tonicity, or when it has been too stretched, the correction cannot be perfect. Other surgical techniques can be advised in some severe cases.

How soon can we judge the result?
The post-operative oedema and bruising have disappeared after one month. The effect “lift” can still improve for several months. Definitive result can be observed after 6 months.

Liposculpture and maternity. Before of after?
It seems worthwhile in some areas (belly, hips) to perform the procedure before pregnancy because the skin looses its elasticity by excessive distension.

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