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Upper eyelid correction

I believe this technique is one of the most interesting one as part of facial rejuvenation. The correction of the upper eyelid is very interesting as part of facial rejuvenation. The correction of skin excess by a simple technique performed under local anaesthesia and light sedation, improves tired and sometimes a sad look, while maintaining its natural aspect.

Important preliminary remark: Photographic examples below only represent additional information about the technique. Dr. Houyoux performed all the procedures. Obviously, these pictures are unaltered and 100% authentic. Patients have all explicitly given their consent to Dr. Houyoux for the use of their photos. Those illustrations cannot be considered as a guarantee of results, as each case must be discussed individually.


Radiosurgery makes it easier to operate and reduces the disadvantages of the surgical procedure with fewer bruises and a quicker return to social life.

A significant improvement of the lower eyelid is also possible in some specific cases, this allows to postpone a more specific procedure of the latter.

The stitches are removed on the fifth or sixth day. Makeup is allowed after eighth to ten days.

Cases of asymmetrical look can also benefit from this procedure.

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